The vegan lifestyle is no doubt a complicated one, particularly with regards to exactly what’s on the menu and what’s off it. Unlike vegetarians – who might eat eggs, cheese, and fish depending on the day – vegans have very little wiggle room. If you are new to the ‘straight and narrow’ nature of the vegan diet, then alcohol is probably a grey area that you are bound to grapple with every now and again. Among the many concerns, you might have is whether or not it is ideal to indulge in your favorite alcoholic beverage from time to time. This brings us to the subject of today’s article: Is vodka vegan? Well, let’s find out.

Analyzing the Alcohol Food Chain

A vegan can be defined simply as someone who not only doesn’t eat meat, but also someone who avoids animal-product based foods altogether. Any product that incorporates traces of meat-based ingredients, dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese among others, OR has been made in a facility that produces such products is ABSOLUTELY OFF LIMITS for the vegan palate.

In line with this, a variety of alcoholic drinks are straight off your list of edibles. That includes most wines, mixed drinks, and beer. The Vegan Society of the UK states that it is not uncommon for the aforementioned drinks to be embedded with animal constituents such as egg albumen, isinglass, casein, and gelatin which means they are a definite no-go if you’re a true vegan.

Vodka is the way to go…

Now that we’ve gotten what you can’t drink out of the way in terms of alcoholic drinks, here’s what you can drink: Vodka. Basically, this spirit is made through a detailed distilling process which doesn’t employ any animal additives since no clarification needs to be done. The result of the production of vodka is a water-esque, clear liquid that is derived strictly from plants.

So is vodka vegan? Absolutely, YES.

For flavored vodka varieties which you might be worried about, the color is usually attained by using various plants, fruits or vegetables such as potatoes, spices, malts and fruit juices so you have nothing to worry about. If you are still unsure about whether a certain vodka brand is truly vegan, then all you have to do is check the label.

Normally manufacturers outline all the ingredients used in the production process and it’s extremely rare, in fact unheard of, for any brand of vodka to use any meat-derived additives. That being said, a “certified vegan” label does involve a process which creates additional hurdles to jump if a company wants an official designation for this obviously vegan segment of the adult beverage industry.

Cream-based vodka, on the other hand, is one you could possibly want to avoid as this hard liquor usually uses honey for flavoring which is obviously a concern for many vegans. Again, such information is usually disclosed on the vodka’s exterior.

So where can you get yourself truly vegan vodka?

Texas, that’s where. We might not offer tons of vegan options when it comes to food, but we’ve got the beat on vegan alcoholic options. While vodka is largely considered vegan since it doesn’t use any animal ingredients whatsoever, there are still some organic varieties that support the cause more than others. I’m talking about top-notch, potato-based vodka that consists solely of Mother Nature’s ingredients refined into a healthy potent blend. Texas, potato-based, vodka brands not only give you that warm & fuzzy feeling you so desire, but they do it in a healthy way.

The vegan lifestyle can be challenging but when it comes to the type of alcohol you should choose, the answer is as simple as ABC. Look no further than potato-based vodka; it is tasty, satiating, purely organic, straight-forward, and your best bet at a truly vegan evening of tipsy enjoyment.


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