What is the best vodka for a martini?

Seems like a simple enough question however it has stirred up a storm of debate across the web with many torn as to which brand exactly is the perfect stone upon which to build your cocktail foundation.

While a number are truly great, some won’t go down too well with other ingredients like water doesn’t mesh with oil. In a bid to ease your search for the perfect vodka for making that mean martini, here are a few pointers you might find helpful:

The Right Vodka has the Right Price Tag

No doubt vodka is the most important element of any cocktail blend. Often, it spells the difference between a delightful glass that you can’t get enough of and a serving that you’ll instantly want to throw out the window when it just barely touches your tongue.

With vodka, you get exactly what you pay for.

The cheapest stuff will make the kind of martini you’ll never want again, while top-notch quality produces a similarly exquisite martini. So the best vodka for a martini is also depicted by its price tag which is reflective of quality. Above about $20 the quality begins to level out, and branding takes over. But almost always, top-drawer means top-notch.

The Aftertaste Factor

The aftertaste of a good vodka for a martini ought to balance somewhere in the middle of nicely bitter and overly sour. In fact, the ideal vodka would be one with absolutely no aftertaste whatsoever and again, this is also dependent upon the quality of the vodka.

A moderately neutral spirit is great for making martinis as it brings all the other ingredients to the fore in a way that’s not too far off to notice and also not too much to overpower the drink in its entirety.

Experimenting with Ingredients & Flavors

Making a martini is akin to the art of painting. It affords a blank canvas upon which to express your inner artistry and creativity whilst exploring with different ingredients in the hope of stumbling upon a masterpiece.

Very few flavors go down well with a martini, aside from the cliché of olives on a toothpick, but some flavored vodka brands are particularly excellent in uplifting the formality and subtle nature of a standard glass of martini. One of the exceptions that you should definitely try out is our potato based Texas vodka. The crisp density of the texture, and subtle sweetness perfectly complements the vermouth and any other finishes you might opt for. It makes for one martini that’ll have your friends asking the right kind of questions.

A good flavored vodka adds a bit of character to your drink but if you’d opt for third party additives or use them both together with flavored brands, then you’ll also find olive juice appealing. Vermouth is also a common component in a martini but be sure to get the right ratio of vodka to vermouth (which you can gauge by taste).

There you have it folks, while there are many ways to skin this martini cat, there are a couple of mainstays that should always be a priority as mentioned herein. The secret to making the perfect martini lies in picking out the perfect vodka, and the right choice ought to become clearer now. Try our local option martini recipe made with Hell’s Half Acre vodka >>>