Tequila and whiskey drinking are practices synonymous with the Southwestern border, but since the early days of Westward expansion, Texas has truly come to be a force to be reckoned with. Texans have brought back from the dead, the cherished experience of using alcohol to break bread with others, and the state has become a vodka-producing Mecca.

Numerous Texas-born products are now able to give other top-notch brands in the market a run for their money. The quality seems to be getting better and better, with greater variety, creativity, and potency. Under our microscope today, we’ll take a look at just how the industry rose from obscurity to global domination…

The Pioneer

A little over 3 decades ago, one particular geologist set upon a path that would change the vodka industry in Texas for the better. His invention obviously was not the first vodka out of the state but it did pave the path for others to follow. Beyond Tex-Mex restaurant chains and huge Texas-style cuts of meat, our vodka became an even bigger player in the fight for “Westward expansion” on palettes around the world.

What started out as one man’s curiosity to break away from the norm of a traditionally wheat-made spirit, built the stage for other brands like ours to shine.

The Best Flavors Are in Texas!

Our vodka is naturally sweetened by the Cassava root which enhances any drink mixture from a Vodka Tonic to a Bloody Mary. Now if you are someone who loves a good bottle of flavored vodka, then Austin has some of the best Texas vodka varieties that’ll blow your mind.

Texas is known for its colorful history with the grapefruit and some distilleries in Austin have captured the best of both the spirit and the fruit in a single alcoholic beverage.

Their prowess in creating distinct, natural and unrivaled flavors extends far beyond grapefruits with many similarly exquisite tones harnessing the power of the daily ingredients afforded to us by Mother Nature such as yellow corn, and potatoes. The Cassava root is something like a potato that adds a smooth, sweet, and subtle flavor which accompanies the warm embrace of a good glass of vodka on the rocks. Traditional wheat vodkas have also been a mainstay in the vodka industry, but Texans continue to come up with new, rich, flavors in a bid to keep up with the times.

Texas is a leader in the craft distillery industry

There are more than 1,300 craft distillers in the United States and that figure is expected to increase considerably over the next few years. Texas is quickly establishing itself among the leaders in this space and its vodka varieties which were initially confined to the limits of the state border are now beginning to break state and national boundaries.

So What is the Best Texas vodka?

It’s now the moment of truth. It’s time we separate the boys from the men. So here it is: the title of the best Texas vodka goes to… (drum roll please)…

Well, it’s particularly hard to single out just one brand for that accolade as there are a plethora of varieties, proofs, and backstories that are worthwhile. Our vodka comes from a long line of inspiration and gritty history. It’s only reasonable to say that the vodkas available today are likely the best ever. Just like technology improves over time, distillation techniques and creativity have grown and expanded beyond what original vodka manufacturers ever imagined. In a sense, several of the vodkas today are better than their predecessors and would win every competition over a 100-200 year span.

The best vodka for me may not necessarily be the best for you, but I can tell you one thing: if it’s from Texas, then it’s definitely worth a try!

Texas vodkas rarely, if ever, disappoint. You’ll find flavors and textures that even The Sundance Kid would be proud of. With a rich history that epitomizes the American Spirit, Texas vodka products are truly the best of the West. They tell an incredible story on the palette, and give a warm, Texas embrace. So try out a real Texas vodka, and revel in American history!


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