4 Unique Holiday Party Drink Recipes

'Tis The Season... THE BOUNTY HUNTER 45 ml Hell's Half Acre Vodka 30 ml Coconut Milk 15 ml Fresh Lime 30 ml Pineapple Juice 30 ml Crème de Cacao Add all ingredients into a shaker. Shake and double strain. Pour into a martini glass. Garnish with chocolate shavings & desiccated coconut. MOHALU-DON 30 ml Hell's Half Acre Vodka 15 ml St Germain 10 ml Vanilla Syrup 15 ml Fresh Lime 2 Dashes Peach Bitters 1/2 Fresh Passionfruit Add all ingredients into a shaker. Shake [...]


4 Reasons to Choose HHA 1885 Vodka Over Beer This Fall

Vodka > Beer Some people prefer drinking Vodka over beer because it has very little flavor, however, our vodka has a subtle sweetness that makes it smooth & delicious enough to sip on the rocks. Many of our fans (who don't normally drink vodka), opt for drinking it on the rocks. The sweetness of the cassava root (tapioca dextrose) likens the flavor of our vodka to "morning dew." Here are a few reasons why our fans are choosing vodka over beer this tailgating season. #1 The Taste. Beer flavor is generally a mixture of sweet (malt) and bitter (hops), and many people don't [...]


Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Vodka

15 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Vodka In the 21st century, the hot new drink taking nightclubs, parties, and different accursed liquor rich occasions by the storm is the "Vodka Red Bull." This blend appears to give a jolt of vitality and it's all the "buzz". It's no surprise, this combination is famous for 21+ school children and youthful grown-ups hoping to get tipsy while remaining vital enough to catch an Uber home. It appears that Red Bull and liquor go together like Bonnie & Clyde. Liquor is generally viewed as a depressant, while [...]


What Is Vodka Made From?

Vodka, like most alcohols, is made from fermented grains or vegetables that have been distilled. Vodka is normally distilled at nearly 150 proof to eliminate all odors and undesirable flavors from it. In this way, vodka is considered a neutral spirit, unlike beer or rum. Texas Vodka Tales Our Texas made vodka was born in Hell’s Half Acre, an area in Fort Worth Texas. Known during the late 1800s for a number of saloons, gambling parlors, and brothels - Hell's Half Acre was where outlaws broke bread. It was recognized as the most notorious red-light areas [...]


Who Has the Best Vodka in Texas?

Tequila and whiskey drinking are practices synonymous with the Southwestern border, but since the early days of Westward expansion, Texas has truly come to be a force to be reckoned with. Texans have brought back from the dead, the cherished experience of using alcohol to break bread with others, and the state has become a vodka-producing Mecca. Numerous Texas-born products are now able to give other top-notch brands in the market a run for their money. The quality seems to be getting better and better, with greater variety, creativity, and potency. Under our microscope today, we'll take a look [...]


Finding the Best Tasting Vodka

Vodka is arguably the most popular distilled spirit known to man. It's an undeniable classic across numerous Western cultures and is still used as the base of countless modern day cocktails. If you have had your fair share of vodka, then you probably know by now that not all vodka is created equal. Some vodkas are akin to white whiskey. Like sipping heavenly syrup from a golden goblet, while others are like drinking pure ethanol out of a gasoline tank. The purpose of today’s article is to help differentiate what falls where. Taking a look at the important taste [...]


Using the Cassava Root to Naturally Sweeten Alcohol

It's no secret that we use the cassava root to sweeten our vodka. We're excited to offer a gluten-free, GMO free, organic, and kosher vodka. Why? Because we think that the consumption of alcohol is good for the spirit - but it should be done thoughtfully and responsibly. While most natural sweeteners are technically “safe,” according to the FDA, many are coming under increased scrutiny because of their side effects. Side effects of many natural & artificial sweeteners range from headaches to migraines to shrunken thymus glands, impaired liver and kidneys, irregular bowel movements, diabetes, and mood disorders. Refined [...]