The Bounty Hunter

THE BOUNTY HUNTER This recipe is for the feisty rebel who is used to getting their way. You won't have to sacrifice flavor or quality with this festive beverage! Ingredients 45ml Vodka 30ml Coconut Milk 15ml Fresh Lime 30ml Pineapple Juice 30ml Crème de Cacao Instructions Add all ingredients into a shaker. Shake and double strain. Pour into a martini glass. Garnish with chocolate shavings & desiccated coconut.


Healthy Vodka Drinks: 5 Best Low Calorie Vodka Recipes

Best Diet Drinks This Holiday Season Treading carefully along the straight and narrow of what to eat/drink isn't easy. Avoiding the sweets and fatty, high carb alternatives is usually an uphill battle this time of year. Not to mention there are a ton of holiday parties and social gatherings where it would be quite awkward to stand on the sidelines. As your friends and colleagues partake in the festivities, you're bound to have a drink or two. This usually ends in shame & regret, and a New Years diet resolution. However, you don't have to forgo a single [...]


Does Alcohol Expire?

"Everything is better with age." We probably all hear this from time to time. Although it is not always accurate, that claim remains true with alcohol. After bottling, as long as the bottle isn't opened, most liquor ingredients will continue to mature, ferment, further saturate, etc. So does that mean alcohol doesn't expire? It's true the statement above contradicts our basic knowledge of alcohol. To answer this question accurately, I would say, yes and no. Alcohol is more likely to spoil when you leave it uncorked, or stored it at high temperatures. After the initial seal is broken, it's [...]


Is vodka vegan?

The vegan lifestyle is no doubt a complicated one, particularly with regards to exactly what’s on the menu and what’s off it. Unlike vegetarians - who might eat eggs, cheese, and fish depending on the day - vegans have very little wiggle room. If you are new to the 'straight and narrow' nature of the vegan diet, then alcohol is probably a grey area that you are bound to grapple with every now and again. Among the many concerns, you might have is whether or not it is ideal to indulge in your favorite alcoholic beverage from time to [...]


Why are potato vodka brands the best?

If you know your vodka well enough, then you probably know by now that organic vodka is the better alternative to inorganic vodka. However, this is akin to the needle in a haystack scenario as even in this narrowed-down category of organic spirits separating the bad from the good can still be an uphill battle. With numerous variations of plant-based liquor on the market, picking out the really good ones can be hard but today we put under our microscope one particularly remarkable category that is potato vodka brands. Here are a couple of reasons why you should embrace this [...]


What is a fifth of vodka?

If you were born in the 19th century or have done your homework on the Vodka industry, then the term “a fifth of vodka” is probably one you have encountered frequently. But exactly what is a fifth of vodka? Well, wonder no more as that’s exactly what we’ll be looking into today. Origin of the "Fifth" Simply put, a fifth of vodka refers to the bottle that we nowadays commonly know as a 750 ml bottle; which is the popular market standard for selling vodka and a host of other alcoholic drinks. Back in the day, particularly in the [...]


How Many Calories Are in A Shot of Vodka?

Have you ever found yourself staring at a shot of vodka right before it disappears into nothingness inside the depths of your mouth like: "Wow, I wonder how many calories are in this itty bitty glass?" Well, whether you have or haven’t wondered this, it’s still an important concern nonetheless. Particularly for moms, and in today's health-conscious society where everyone wants to lengthen their life and strengthen their ability to resist everything refined & processed. So put on your science caps as, today, we seek to uncover the exact number of calories in a shot of vodka. First Things [...]


Can vodka go bad?

Can Vodka go bad? Is it time to throw away the bottle or should you still hang onto to it just a while longer to save that trip to the liquor store for later? If you have ever ransacked your liquor stash only to stumble upon a bottle of vodka that you bought a long while ago, these are probably the sort of questions that have been swirling around at the back of your mind. If you’ve ever found yourself in that sort of predicament then you came to the right place for answers as that’s exactly the subject [...]


What is the freezing point of vodka?

If you’re one for keeping your alcohol in the fridge, then it’s possible that you store your vodka in the freezer compartment. Every so often, to save space, you might place a bottle of vodka in the freezer and forget about it. This is a common practice in many households which has led to the rumor that "vodka simply cannot freeze." But is this true? Does that argument hold any water? Well, here’s the lowdown. The answer is both YES and NO How so you ask? The simple reason why vodka is placed in the freezer by many is [...]


How long does vodka stay in your system?

When someone says "I brought vodka," it will surely put a smile on your face! Let's be honest, you're reading this article because like it or not, vodka does something for you. Whether it's because of the relaxation it brings forth, or because it makes you feel tipsy - vodka is a favorite spirit amongst millions of adults. Most people prefer drinking vodka on the rocks or in a mixed beverage. In this form, vodka is said to assist in relieving stress and lowering blood pressure. It is a clear, odorless spirit that can help prevent heart attack, stroke, and [...]