There’s nothing like an ice cold beer on a hot summer day… except a delicious, fruit-infused vodka mixed drink. Drinking beer in the summer may sound like a good idea, but there are a few drawbacks to consider before making it your go-to adult beverage during hot weather.

Beer has a few major drawbacks to consider like:
• It stimulates your appetite, giving you a beer belly while on the beach
• It’s highly addictive and requires you to consume a high volume to catch a buzz
• It deteriorates quickly, so it’s very easy to find yourself drinking a ‘bad batch’
• It’s rarely used as the main alcohol during holidays, so you’ll likely end up mixing beer + liquor which makes for a dangerous combination

Some people prefer drinking vodka over beer because it has very little flavor, however, our vodka has a subtle sweetness that makes it smooth & delicious enough to sip on the rocks. Here are the five reasons we think you should choose vodka over beer this summer:

#1 The Taste.

Beer tends to have a strong, overwhelming flavor. Beer flavor is generally a mixture of sweet (malt) and bitter (hops), and many people don’t like bitter. Hence why beer is referred to as a beverage with an “acquired taste.” But if you are open-minded there are lots of different IPAs and flavor combinations. The problem is beer generally holds into it’s “beer” flavor no matter what you mix with it, so it’s difficult to mask for those who have yet acquired the taste for beer.

#2 Purity.

Vodka blends well with everything. Because vodka lacks the crazy amount of additives found in most beers beer – it’s often labeled a flavorless spirit. It blends well with most alcoholic beverage combinations – from fruity to coffee liqueurs. It’s fairly straightforward,  can be mixed with anything, and is extremely cost-effective because of the sheer volume you have to drink to catch a buzz.

#3 Long shelf-life.

Vodka is somewhat healthier than beer in small quantities because of the volume necessary to get drunk, as mentioned above. It can also sustain high altitudes and tempertatures, although it’s recommended that you store your vodka in a cool, dry place. Even still, vodka has quite the shelf-life.

#4 Cleaner buzz.

With vodka, you’ll get a much cleaner buzz without the “beer belly.”

One benefit of drinking vodka is that it has no additives (pure alcohol and water). The clean feeling of drinking a good quality vodka is not something that is easily verbalized. It’s a feeling, and the true vodka connoisseur knows exactly what I’m referring to. Conveniently, vodka also goes really well with a wide range of snacks. From chocolate to pizza, to tacos, to sushi, to cheesecake – vodka is a good anytime beverage option.

#5 Warmer & Fuzzier.

Who doesn’t like the “Warm & Fuzzy” feeling of drinking an alcoholic beverage?

Vodka has a great warming effect within a few minutes of taking a shot. Unlike beer, vodka offers a light buzz that can create a feeling of tipsiness before you’re actually beyond the legal limit. The good thing about this is that it takes way less to get drunk. You’ll also feel the warmth of drinking vodka right away which can alert you to the fact that you shouldn’t be driving, or do any dangerous or important tasks. With beer, it’s fairly easy to get drunk without even realizing it. That can be especially dangerous in the summer.

Numerous factors like the summer heat, spending more outdoors, attending more events, and taking trips or partaking in outdoor activities makes summer a dangerous time to drink beer. Now more than ever, it’s important to remain mindful of how much alcohol you’re consuming.