Have you ever found yourself staring at a shot of vodka right before it disappears into nothingness inside the depths of your mouth like: “Wow, I wonder how many calories are in this itty bitty glass?”

Well, whether you have or haven’t wondered this, it’s still an important concern nonetheless. Particularly for moms, and in today’s health-conscious society where everyone wants to lengthen their life and strengthen their ability to resist everything refined & processed. So put on your science caps as, today, we seek to uncover the exact number of calories in a shot of vodka.

First Things First

All alcohol varieties have calories; everything we drink or eat has calories and it’s only natural that you should be concerned about how many calories there are in your favorite drink. Especially if you have to deal with a screaming toddler or nagging boss, and have that “favorite drink” a little too often. With vodka, the calorie concentration depends upon a variety of factors e.g. whether it’s flavored or not, and if so what type of flavoring is used, and the proof levels among other things.

Breaking Down the Figures

While substantiating the exact number of calories in any measurement of vodka is challenging since most vodka recipes are confidential to ward off copycats, there is scientific research that provides rough estimates.

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

80 and 90 proof

Assuming a conventional shot of say about one ounce, 80 proof vodka otherwise known as 40 percent alcohol packs 64 calories per ounce. A 750 ml bottle in its entirety could have a total of 1649 calories while a 1.5 oz shot packs 97 calories.

For a 90 proof vodka, there are about 73 calories in a shot, but that also depends on the brand in question.

100 proof

The calorie concentration increases by 9 calories from the aforementioned total of its predecessor. That’s 82 calories per ounce but given that vodka is classified as a clear liquor variety, its effects are milder than those of its dark liquor counterparts such as rum, whiskey, and brandy. So that means it’s easy to drink more calories with vodka than it is with other spirits.

However, you are also bound to experience less intense hangovers (according to a study carried out at Brown University).

Alternatively, darker spirits tend to have a higher caloric content per ounce. So even though it’s easy to drink more vodka, that doesn’t mean you’ll consume fewer calories throughout a night of drinking. If you are keen on dieting or becoming more conscious about your caloric intake, vodka is your best bet. If you’re going for alcohol relief, in moderation of course, vodka is a solid choice.

Other Factors to Consider

Flavored vodkas have a higher calorie count than non-flavored vodkas. That’s why our vodka is naturally sweetened by the Cassava root. It adds the subtle & sweet flavor without the extra calories – allowing you to drink it on the rocks or in a mixed beverage. Flavoring adds about 4 to 5 calories per ounce and that is also dependent on the specific ingredients used. It’s a negligible amount but over the course of several nights of drinking, over several years, it adds up.

Tonic water – which is a regular accompaniment with vodka – is particularly notorious for inflating the calorie count as a 4 oz pour brings in an extra 112 calories to the mix. If you’re trying to keep your calorie count low, it’s best to stick to just the vodka alone which almost always averages safe calorie levels below the 100 mark.

Will vodka make you fat then?

In short, no.

Overconsumption is usually the main culprit for weight gain. This is probably one of the reasons you set out to find the number of calories in a shot of vodka. You need not worry as vodka won’t result in significant weight gain no matter how many shots you toss back. Whether flavored or not and regardless of the proof level, vodka has very safe calorie levels compared to desserts, meats, and fast foods.


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