The cup runneth over when it comes to cocktails with vodka variations. The sheer number of options available is simply too many to count! We had previously looked at the tip of this enormous iceberg in terms of measurements, and quantities. Today, we venture further down that mountain as we look at quality and caloric content. Here we continue to uncover some of the best vodka cocktails that you should try out this summer.

Low-Calorie Vodka Cocktails You HAVE To Try

1) Cape Codder
This crimson cocktail sometimes goes by the name of vodka cranberry as it is basically a mixture of, well, vodka and cranberry. If you use natural cranberry juice, the latter is quite sour to the taste and therefore needs to be paired with a flavored vodka or sweetener. The natural sweetness of HHA 1885 vodka not only cancels out the sourness but makes the beverage more rhythmic. For this purpose, our vodka adds a twist to the dominance of the cranberry juice without the extra calories of a flavored vodka or sweetener. Approx. 100 calories

2) Vodka Tonic
Our HHA Vodka Tonic is an easy-to-make, refreshing sipper that is perfect for any day & every occasion. Where the Gin & Tonic relies on the flavor of gin to make the drink, this vodka cocktail is very clean, light, and sweet – complementing the dry taste of tonic water and lemon/lime. HHA 1885 Vodka highlights & compliments even the subtlest flavors rather than drowning them out and requiring you to use a chaser. With tonic counting for only 10 calories an ounce, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a top-shelf vodka. Approx. 148 calories

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3) Espresso Martini
If you love your espresso and vodka with equal measure, then you might find yourself puzzled as to which drink to choose for your after-dinner indulgence. The espresso martini ensures a perfect compromise by delicately balancing the intricate flavors of coffee & alcohol sticking true to tradition. It combines the immersive taste of an inviting beverage (coffee) and the endearing appeal of an exhilarating spirit (vodka). The espresso martini is a drink like no other. To keep this drink low calorie, leave out the sub the Irish Cream sweetener. Approx. 89 calories.

Instead, add a little water between the vodka & espresso. If you forgo the “healthy” option, Irish Cream Liqueur makes this drink a stand-alone and the liqueur will add approx. 95 calories per ounce.

4) Marshmallow Campfire Cocktail
Have you ever wanted to catch a buzz as well as enjoy a naughty, high-calorie dessert? I love chocolate martinis, oreo martinis, and pretty much anything sweet with a little body. This ingenious mixture redefines the boundaries between dessert, coffee, and cocktail by forming a creamy concoction that is the perfect hybrid of all three attributes. Couple it with some HHA 1885 vodka and the result is an insanely delicious cocktail.

More Recipes for Vodka Lovers

Since you’re looking for low-calorie vodka mixed drinks, I’m going to assume you love vodka. I wouldn’t dare consider drinking the low-calorie option of an adult beverage I didn’t absolutely love. Low-calorie recipes are known for lacking body and having too much bite. So next time you’re in a vodka mood, here are a few higher calorie options that are absolutely delicious. It’s summer, so it’s time to play a little –  you’ve definitely got to try these out!

5) Hell’s Screwdriver
A cocktail encompassing a vodka and fruit combo that packs a potent concentration of the latter, the screwdriver is a drink that is great at any time of the day. The primary ingredient is fresh orange juice and a few modifications, namely OJ & banana cream, make it a Texas specialty! We’ve also seen soda water and amaretto added to this fine list of ingredients as well.

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6) Fuzzy Navel
If you prefer a mixed drink that leans heavily on the peachy side of the taste scale, then the hairy navel is an excellent option. While it has the word “navel” in its name, the main ingredient used is essentially peach and vodka. Adding HHA 1885 vodka (naturally sweet) versus a sweetener offers a new dimension to the monotony of the overflowing peach flavor.

7) Apple Pie Sparkler
This is an excellent fall drink that can also be enjoyed on cool summer nights. It’s made by combining two basic ingredients, cinnamon, and sugar. Aside from that duo, a slice of apple that you slip around the rim completes the recipe. Enjoy this after-summer favorite with a slice of apple pie if you’re a true vodka lover.

8) Sex on the Beach
When summer rolls around, there are many alcoholic-fruit drink options, but none better than the Sex on the Beach. The name alone suggests a great time, full of laughter, relaxation, and burning passion. This recipe incorporates different fruit flavors including orange juice and peach schnapps which fade into a perfect blend. It harmonizes with darker fruit blends creating a magical concoction. With a delicious organic base such as our cassava sweetened vodka, this cocktail is simply divine.

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That’s where our vodka cocktail adventures have to end for now, but that doesn’t even graze the surface of what you can do with a versatile vodka. The sky is the limit, so don’t be afraid to experiment and mix things up. You might just stumble upon the next great cocktail we feature on our blog. Send us pics and email us your favorite recipes at!