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Members of the whole in the wall gang included such infamous criminals as Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch which consisted of Butch Cassidy (aka Robert Leroy Parker), the Sundance Kid (aka Harry A. Longabaugh), Elzy LayTall Texan‘News’ Carver, Camilla ‘Deaf Charlie’ Hanks, Laura BullionGeorge “Flat Nose” CurryHarvey ‘Kid Curry’ Logan, Bob Meeks, Kid Curry’s brother Lonny Curry, Bob Smith, Al Smith, Bob Taylor, Tom O’Day, ‘Laughing’ Sam CareyBlack Jack Ketchum, and the Roberts Brothers, along with several lesser known outlaw gangs of the Old West. Jesse James was also mentioned to have visited the Hole-in-the-Wall hideout. The core individuals of the various gangs are now considered historical figures, representing life in the Old West.


We use Healthy Ingredients. Our award-winning vodka Hells Half Acre 1885 uses organic dextrose from a unique source, the Cassava Root. When the cassava root is crushed then dried into a powdery state it is then called Tapioca Starch, after saccharification this organic tapioca starch combined with naturally occurring enzymes produces more than double the amount of fermentable sugars than in your standard corn, grain, or potato fermentation. A rich harvest of starches converts into an abundant amount of sugars yielding a smooth, sweet, floral scented vodka. Every ingredient we use is GMO-Free, Certified Organic, Kosher, and of course Gluten-Free.


Our Distillation Process. Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka is distilled 6 times utilizing a 21 plate copper column and an intricate reverse osmosis machine to yield the purest and sweetest taste. A methodical balance of copper reflux columns, stainless steel pots, and the purest water produces one of the smoothest vodkas on the market. The pleasant floral notes compliment the subtle sweetness with a crisp taste to the pallet. Hell’s Half Acre 1885 is going to be your favorite vodka.


Our Filtration Process. Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka is filtered through the finest Texas charcoal for the smoothest taste possible. In addition to charcoal filtering Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka uses a freeze filtration process before bottling to remove any leftover impurities creating an even more smooth, clean, consistent spirit.

Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka is an Internationally Award Winning vodka. We use the purest water in Texas, distill our vodka 6 times, and use a state-of-the-art filtration system. Our vodka is exceptionally smooth, Gluten Free, and All Natural. This true Texas vodka pays tribute to those who pursue life with determination and appreciate a superior spirit just like those in Hell’s Half Acre. Experience Texas for yourself and liberate your spirit!