Crafting one Hell of a Spirit! - Hell's Half Acre 1885 Vodka|

Introducing the “Best Domestic Vodka”

The Fifty Best conducted a “blind” taste testing for some of the most interesting, American-made, flavorless vodkas with 17 members on the judging panel. These are considered to be world class, stand-alone vodkas that offer a unique tasting experience. Very strict rules were applied and we made out at the top. Some of the rules included:

  • The order of tasting was selected by lottery
  • Vodkas were served in freshly washed glasses
  • Vodkas were poured directly from newly opened bottles
  • Vodka was stored at just above room temperature
  • Neutral flavors like crackers, ice water, and plain chips were introduced for palate cleansing, etc
  • Scoring was recorded privately on a 5-point system
  • All vodkas in the competition were 80-Proof
  • All 50 States were welcomed into the initial competition

Double-Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze were then awarded according to an overall rating received from the judges. Here is the summary they came up with for Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka:

Nose: Sugarcane, lemon cake, citrus, lemon zest, lightly sweet grains, heather, clean wet grass, fresh rain.

Palate: Caramel, milk chocolate, cocoa, cream, powdered sugar, lemon curd, vanilla, lime, citrus, fresh grass, mint, creamy smooth grains, rye, roasted nuts, brown spice, peppery, cigar, dusty, minerals, wet stone, hint of wood.

Finish: Brown sugar, lime, citrus, peppermint, light menthol, wet stone, morning dew, clean, soft, smooth, delicate, refreshing.

Some of the other competitors included:

Bedlam Vodka (Graybeard Distillery, North Carolina)

Five Saints Vodka (Five Saints Distilling, Pennsylvania)

Nauti Spirits Vodka (Nauti Spirits, New Jersey)

Lazy Eye Vodka (Lazy Eye Distillery, New Jersey)

North Sister Vodka (Cascade Street Distillery, Colorado)

It’s amazing how many different kinds of vodka are available on the market today. The sheer number of flavorless, yet full-bodied vodkas out there is unfathomable. Furthermore, we’re absolutely thrilled to have been included in the final tasting and to have been awarded the double gold medal.


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