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They were known as the “Hole in the Wall” Gang…

They were some of the most notorious criminals in the Wild West. The “Hole in the Wall” Gang was one organization comprised of several different gangs, all operating out of the Hole-in-the-Wall Pass, using it as their base of operations. Hole-in-the-Wall is located in the Big Horn Mountains of Johnson County, Wyoming. In the late 9th century, Hole-in-the-Wall Pass served as a hideout for the Hole in the Wall Gang, or “Fort Worth Five” or the “Wild Bunch” – essentially a group of cattle rustlers and infamous outlaws.

The gangs formed a coalition, each planning and carrying out its own robberies with very little interaction with the other gangs. At times, members of one gang would ride along with other gangs, but usually, each gang operated separately, meeting up only when they were each at the hideout at the same time.

Gang Members & Historical Figures

Members of the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang included such infamous criminals as Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch which consisted of Butch Cassidy (aka Robert Leroy Parker), the Sundance Kid (aka Harry A. Longabaugh), Elzy LayTall Texan‘News’ Carver, Camilla ‘Deaf Charlie’ Hanks, Laura BullionGeorge “Flat Nose” CurryHarvey ‘Kid Curry’ Logan, Bob Meeks, Kid Curry’s brother Lonny Curry, Bob Smith, Al Smith, Bob Taylor, Tom O’Day, ‘Laughing’ Sam CareyBlack Jack Ketchum, and the Roberts Brothers, along with several lesser known outlaw gangs of the Old West. Jesse James was also mentioned to have visited the Hole-in-the-Wall hideout. The core individuals of the various gangs are now considered historical figures, representing life in the Old West.