It’s no secret that we use the cassava root to sweeten our vodka. We’re excited to offer a gluten-free, GMO free, organic, and kosher vodka.


Because we think that the consumption of alcohol is good for the spirit – but it should be done thoughtfully and responsibly. While most natural sweeteners are technically “safe,” according to the FDA, many are coming under increased scrutiny because of their side effects. Side effects of many natural & artificial sweeteners range from headaches to migraines to shrunken thymus glands, impaired liver and kidneys, irregular bowel movements, diabetes, and mood disorders.

Refined sugars aren’t really healthy at all. It’s not hard to find a million articles and documentaries about the horrible effects of consuming processed white sugars. Their side effects can include tooth decay, obesity, and heart disease. Even still, most of us consume white sugar on a daily basis.

Fructose is a simple sugar that is rapidly metabolized by the liver. This creates the “sugar high” or “sugar rush” many parents are afraid of. This can lead to an increased storage of internal organ fat in the liver, and other organs. Fatty liver disease, digestive upset, and atherosclerosis can further complicate things and make it very difficult to enjoy a dirty martini if you see what I’m getting at…

We knew there had to be a better alternative to refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners. We searched high and low until we found the perfect recipe! Then we came across an article that changed the game.

According to a study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, “substituting healthy sweeteners — including blackstrap molasses, maple syrup, and honey — can increase the antioxidant intake.” Unlike any other natural or artificial sugar, the cassava root can be extremely useful for celiac patients.

According to the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology, cassava and other low GI foods “control the release of glucose into the bloodstream at a steady and sustained rate, keeping the body’s metabolic processes and energy levels balanced.”

This is especially helpful when drinking alcohol because the cassava directly assists in the control and management of blood sugar levels.

B-complex vitamins are contained in the cassava plant, as well as minerals that perform important functions throughout your body like synthesizing proteins and maintaining healthy sex hormone levels. Cassava also contains saponins that ease inflammation, break down organic body wastes like uric acid, cleanse mineral deposits from your joints, and balance gut flora.

Since vodka is a neutral spirit, typically without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color. It’s usually not aged and can be made from pretty much any grains, potatoes, sugars, or fruits that are fermented. Over the last few years, corn growers have pushed high fructose corn syrup as a natural sweetener, and that’s just not clear enough. Many people hear the word “corn” and automatically associate vegetables, health, and longevity with corn syrup. Most of the vodkas out there are made with genetically modified corn [turned into corn syrup], and super refined white sugars. But they don’t have to be…

From the beginning, we wanted HHA 1885 to be a “health conscious” adult beverage. Not because we’re vegans (although we do have two vegans on our marketing team), but because why not. It’s easy to create a cheap or harsh vodka. But the Wild West was about using creativity & strategy to survive. Ultimately, we wanted to create a vodka that tastes good and feels good going down.