Vodka, like most alcohols, is made from fermented grains or vegetables that have been distilled. Vodka is normally distilled at nearly 150 proof to eliminate all odors and undesirable flavors from it. In this way, vodka is considered a neutral spirit, unlike beer or rum.

Texas Vodka Tales

Our Texas vodka was born in Hell’s Half Acre, an area in Fort Worth Texas that was known during the late 1800s for a number of saloons, gambling parlors, and brothels. It was recognized as the most notorious red-light areas of Old Wild West frequented by a number of infamous criminals & outlaws like the Sundance Kid, Butch Cassidy, and the Fort Worth Five.

The economy of this area was a model of gin and sin supply and demand for over 30 years. Fort Worth was a place for making love with a pistol in one hand and liquor in the other.

Since 1885, the best Texas Vodka has been made in Hell’s Half Acre, or Texas’ bloody third ward, due to its lawless and violent status. The best way of breaking bread in the Old West was by splitting blood, breaking rules, and sharing a stiff (or smooth) bottle of alcohol. In this rough condition, Texas-born Vodka evolved as the best vodka for the people living a rebellious, or suppressed lifestyle.

The making of a healthier vodka…

In order to make Texas vodka a healthier alcoholic beverage, we use healthy ingredients in Hells Half Acre 1885 Vodka. This vodka made from gluten-free, GMO-free, kosher, and organic ingredients has been sweetened with the cassava root, an organic source of dextrose found at the base of the cassava plant.

The cassava root produces tapioca starch when it is crushed and dried in the form of a powder. This tapioca starch is combined with naturally produced enzymes with more than double amount of fermentable sugary ingredients as potatoes, grains, or corn etc.

Thus, the cassava root gives our vodka a natural hint of sweetness to complement the smooth & strong undertones typical of a modern vodka. These rich starchy ingredients help in making a large amount of sugar to produce floral scented, smooth and sweet as well as healthy vodka because all the ingredients used in our recipe are certified & Safeproof verified.

The making of a better vodka…

In order to make a better vodka, we used a unique distillation process. We use a copper column containing 21 plates, and a reverse osmosis machine to distill our vodka 6 times to get the sweetest taste and purest form.

Copper reflux columns, pure water, and stainless steel machinery are used in balanced proportion to get the smoothest and purest vodka modern day. In this way, our 1885 vodka has become the favorite of a large number of people due to the crispness it provides to your pallet with its subtle sweetness and zero bite.

The making of a cleaner vodka…

In order to make a cleaner vodka, we used a very specific filtration process. We filtered our 1885 recipe through the finest charcoal in Texas to give it a smoother taste, removing all impurities.

After all this, Hell’s Half Acre 1885 vodka is filled into glass bottles and ready for consumption!


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