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A FREE Bottle of Hell’s Half Acre Vodka!

We’re a Texas-born vodka brand whose mission is to liberate the spirit & warm the soul. “Hell’s Half Acre” was an area in Fort Worth, Texas where rebellion thrived. Some of the most infamous cowboys of the old Wild West made their way through Hell’s Half Acre at some point and left behind a legacy.

We’re creating a smooth vodka with a hint of the Wild West. Made from sugar of the cassava root (organic, Non-GMO, kosher and gluten-free ingredients) this unconventionally smooth vodka resurrects Fort Worth, Texas from the late 1800s. Our vodka is said to be strong enough for a cowboy & smooth enough for a lady. It’s so smooth you can drink it on the rocks! Teleport back in time to the old Wild West where blood was spilt and sharing a drink was the way of breaking bread! Enter to win a free bottle today. Restrictions apply. Must be 21+ to enter.

Enter for a chance to win a FREE bottle of Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka!

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